• Jaime Wyatt- FourFiveSeconds
  • I Prevail - Blank Space
  • Jaime Wyatt - Marijuana Man
  • I Prevail - Crossroads
  • Iyeoka - Simply Falling
  • The Ventures - Hawaii Five O
  • Etta James - Tough Lover

About Us

North Music Group (NMG) is a rights management and music supervision company. We handle music publishing administration, YouTube ad revenue monetization, neighboring rights administration, brand alignment and strategy, and music placement. READ MORE


North Music Group gets your musical works monetized on YouTube, so you can collect a share of ad revenue and subscription revenue for the use of your compositions and masters in videos watched by YouTube users.

We have a partnership with YouTube that allows us to deliver metadata and other necessary information, which YouTube then uses to track performance of your works, and identify you as the party entitled to collect the money for your performance.

We also are able to ensure YouTube places all types of ads, including the highest-paying ads, in videos embedding your works.

We are able to identify when someone other than you is claiming your works, and correct the error.

Once we’ve provided the data and files to YouTube’s Content ID system, Content ID searches through the billions of videos on YouTube to identify uses of your works.

North Music Group then goes deeper to find every single use of your works. We have created tools that assist us in finding videos embedding your works that Content ID has NOT found, and then we inform YouTube of the use so you collect.

We also review statements from YouTube to confirm accuracy, and when you are being underpaid, we work with YouTube to collect the missing money.



Abby North


Please email links to songs or instrumental cues. Please include your name in the file.