North Music Group (NMG) is a full-service music rights management company, based in Los Angeles, California.  We specialize in the administration of music compositions and sound recordings.

We believe in the value of long-lasting relationships, as well as the power of robust technology that minimizes inefficiencies and maximizes earnings.

Our clients range from legacy film and tv composers to evergreen songwriters and artists to current radio hitmakers.

We focus on accurate and comprehensive works registration, which leads to enhanced earnings. Our experts have 25 years of experience in music business royalty tracking, and our tools have been designed to automate various tracking processes, and to facilitate the process of identifying and collecting missing royalties.

NMG is a direct member of many collection management organizations around the world, and has a network around the world of collections and pitching partners.

Our services include Royalty Administration and Collection, Income Tracking, and Digital Distribution. We offer administration, publishing, co-publishing and sub-publishing deals to our clients. We are truly a boutique rights management partner.

CWR and other data conversion/data cleanup services are available via Music Data Services.